Magic of Pegasus Performance Art and VJing


The stage is stacked with television sets like an analog graveyard. They project fuzzy imagery that blinks and flickers. One set only manages snow. As the ethereally dressed Magic of Pegasus float onto the stage, I find myself stuck in a ‘70s music video – and part of me wishes David Bowie would jump out from behind one of the TVs. Instead we get Graeme Newlove and his sex dwarf-hippie cult. As the techno beats break he has a frenzied tambourine slamming fit and the bar area empties. The bewildered crowd flocks to the stage.

Whatever you’ve heard about this band doesn’t prepare you for the spectacle they deliver. A 15 minute burst of mania, part Soft Cell on crack, part Jesus Christ Superstar. Foaming from the mouth like a rabid mental patient, Newlove elates the crowd with a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” as his 3 back-up singers harmonize for our choral pleasure. The audience is either awestruck or disgusted. One particularly vocal dude exclaims: “It’s like a bad acid trip!”

Words by Angela Weickl via Mahala, photo by Trephine – A Magic of Pegasus show at which I VJed